ARC Software Development Team

The ARC Software Development Team (ARCsoft) operates within Research Computing Services at the University of Victoria. We are a small team assisting UVic researchers with their needs for research software. Read more about us, meet our team or visit some of our latest news, below.

Current projects

GLOBE. A multinational collaboration spanning multiple institutions surveying cultural, leadership and trust norms and practices

ZooDB. A view into decades of zooarchaeological research surveying animal bone deposits at sites around British Columbia

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Recent logs

Enhancing Django Applications with Django Easy Audit and Redis Caching (Karan Gosal). In which Karan gives an introduction on how to set up Django Easy Audit and caching using Redis.

Containerize a Django application (Archie To). In which Archie briefly describes how to containerize a Django application

Web testing with Selenium (Bhavy Rai). In which Bhavy gives a brief introduction of user-interface testing on the web with Selenium

Interactive Maps - Introduction to Leaflet (Karan Gosal). In which Karan gives an introduction on how to use Leaflet to create dynamic and engaging maps.

Introduction to the OpenStack SDK (Nick Wurzer). In which Nick gives a brief overview of the OpenStack SDK; In particular the Compute Service

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Recent docs

Software Development Guidelines. Basic principles of software collaboration and some practical advice

tmux Cheatsheet.

Co-op First Week Onboarding. Getting started at ARCsoft team within the RCS at UVic

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